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The links and materials posted here for free download are provided to support young children and parents (preschool educators or other family members) playing together on and off screen. Activities have been deliberately chosen that will be enjoyable even though some are too difficult for many children under the age of 5 to play on their own. The activities will therefore encourage lots of discussion and support the children's language development. As educational researchers it is this enhanced interaction that is our primary interest. We want to identify the best possible computer based games and activities to support children's language development and their learning through play away from the screen. (Page Two)

LOM Activities

See more at The Land of Me

2Create a Story


ECERS style ICT instrument

The activities have been selected according to the seven DATEC principles for good practice


The Land of Me







The Land of Me - Shape, Size & Colour from Made in Me on Vimeo.

Block Play with BlockCAD

This activity will contribute to language development and also to children's early spacial and mathematical learning. As an example of Computer Assisted Design (CAD) the activity contributes to ICT education as it illustrates a genuine adult application of computers. It also supports and encourages block building activity off screen. For further details see Anders' corner of the web.

Zoombinis Mudball Wall Demo

This activity will also contribute to language development and problem solving. There are no istructions provided as the challenge is to work out out to play the game. The object is to help the little creatures ride the lift to the top. There are three levels. The software is provided as a demo of the Logical Jouney of the Zoombinis a game published by Broderlund.

TuxPaint (Read Me)
Note: Unzip Tux Paint from the 'ZIP-file' then double-click the " tuxpaint.exe" icon in the 'Tux Paint' folder on your computer.

TuxPaint - Stamps

Simplified Chinese: Creative Graphic World


The Seven DATEC principles for good practice

Educative Technologies in Kindergarten Context (KINDERET) Pilot project funded by the EU, Leonardo da Vinci II

Emergent Science and Technology in the Early Years

Duck Builder Game

This simulation was found on the Kent ICT pages where there are some others to try along with some good suggestions for Early Years ICT.

Red Bull Flight Lab

This collaborative activity will support language development. Permission to include the link was provided by its developers: Less Rain Red Bull are sponsors of: "A uniquely loony competition, Red Bull Flugtag, involves manpowered flying machines and crazy pilots attempting to launch themselves off a 6m ramp and into the water below!"


Other downloads:

Promoting equality through science education in the early years

Girls in Science: another case of the Emperors new clothes?

Researching Effective Pedagogy in the Early Years

Osiris Circus PPT1 PPT2 PPT3

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